Bashpole Inventions, Inc.

Bashpole Inventions is a close-knit, internally funded “invention house” comprising a team of engineers and business persons dedicated to solving wide-scale problems in mass consumer markets. We create products that make life easier and more fun. Check out our products below.

Our Products

Pocket Grill

This is the first in a line of ultra-foldable products based on our patent-pending technology that redefines standards of compactability in many industries.

To learn more about this product, please visit the product site at: www.pocketgrill.com

Bashpole Cards

These patent-pending business cards are die cut in a way that allows you to not only stand them upright, but also to play a game with them. Recipients have an interactive, memorable experience.

To learn more and design your own cards, please visit the product site at: www.bashpolecards.com